A Little Bit
About Miaboo!

My name is Amy, I am the founder of Miaboo.

A typical day for us is walking… I’ve run a professional dog walking and pet care service for over 8 years with the help of my beautiful Border Collie, Rufus, and more recently my newest addition Pearl by my side… so no matter what the weather we’re always out on’t moors around Haworth!

The journey of Miaboo began

thanks to the day job along with, of course, Rufus and Pearl. Over the course of my working weeks I see a lot of dogs and their bedrooms!! As I pick them up and drop them off I get to see the tell tale signs of the wear and tear my customers dog beds have to deal with when we live in the rugged Yorkshire countryside and all the weather it brings throughout the year… only in Yorkshire can it be sunny and hailing at the same time!! That, as we all know, doesn’t put our furry friends off having good time however, in fact the muddier they can get the more they like to walk!

Most of the beds I’d see couldn’t stand up to the life their inhabitants lived or to the expectations of my customers who had purchased them. After just a few weeks of use the beds would often be misshapen, blackened mud splattered heaps pushed into the corner of an otherwise cosy room.

I’m sure you’re with me on this, but another problem I found when shopping for dog beds for my own pooches, a medium size dog bed simply wasn’t big enough! I had to resort to buying larger sized beds! My dogs like to lounge, and lounge they shall!…

I decided things had to change!

Why can’t our furry friends have a comfortable bed which is big enough to lounge on and for us to be proud to house within our lovely homes even after our daily muddy and wet walks on the moors?! It was here that the idea was born and my hard work began in finding the solution to our problems! Little did I know how much work I was about to be letting myself in for!

With plenty of research and help from other local businesses along the way I have been lucky enough to have a wealth of experience to hand in developing a dog bed that’s rustic nature sits attractively in our homes yet delivers the functionality to be hard wearing and cope with the demands of the many ‘working’ breeds I walk on a daily basis, in the ever changing Yorkshire moors and weather.

We’ve hidden zips and placed them out the way, reduced seams wherever possible to discourage any chewing tendencies, used heat treated materials with D-Fender technology to make them water repellent, stain resistant and help with soil release amongst many other features. We’ve commissioned local artists to provide traditional illustrations to decorate our beds. The illustrations tell the story of our working breeds doing what they were originally breed to do. Our company name has even been inspired by one of my favourite long term four legged clients! Thanks Mia!

I really hope you and your furry friends enjoy our beds as much as my two collies do!

Amy x