Why is there dog hair everywhere?

Dogs rid themselves of old or damaged hair by shedding depending on whether your dog has hair or fur. If your dogs hair grows continuously he has hair and if it stops at a certain length he has fur.  Breeds who shed a lot have fur. At this time of year dog hair can be a nightmare on your clothes and in the home or car, but how do we minimise it?

Brushing your dog

Brushing your dog regularly not only helps with the level of hair in and around the home, it also gives you time to check for any lumps or bumps but also helps to bond you and your dog. The type of brush to use depends on the length and type of coat your dog has. For instance, dogs with shorter coats such as Frenchies and Pointers require a natural bristle brush or grooming mitt and for longer double coats you’ll need maybe a shedding tool to help grab the undercoat and pull those dead hairs. Woolly or curly coated dogs need careful grooming with a wire brush to detangle.

Brushing your dog removes the dead hair and cares for their skin and coat. A spritz with our dog perfumes can also help to keep the skin hydrated and repair any coat damage as well as strengthen and shine. So, by regularly brushing your dog, you’re keeping the shedding down to a minimum, bonding with your dog and keeping the housework efforts down. 

The Home

Living with a dog will always bring a level of dog hair in to the home so we need to keep on top of it with easy low maintenance solutions.  The obvious choice here is - the hoover. I’ve tried many brands and whenever I look after peoples peers whilst they holiday at their home I make it my mission to try out their hoovers on their imminent arrival home to see which performs best! After several trials I made my decision to purchase the outstanding winner - The Shark! BY FAR THE BEST FOR DOG HAIR! The anti hair wrap upright model was the one for me and after a year of whizzing it around all of the nooks and crannies of my home and van I’m yet to be disappointed. Their customer service is second to none with a no quibble warranty. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing all the dog hair collecting up in the bin and the suction lines in my carpet. 

Your soft Furnishings

For your soft furnishings though I’ve got a hair hack for you! The useful way to remove dog hair from your throws, dog beds, bedding is before you pop them in to the washing machine, instead pop them in to your tumble dryer along with a microfibre cloth and these cute little dryer balls  and start for a short spin on low. The dog hair will come off your soft furnishings ready to put in to the washing machine hair free!! You need these drying balls in your life. They are also super cute and a natural conditioner for your laundry too. 


If you’re doing a quick flick around the house in between the big cleans, a spritz of our bedding and fabric spray will tackle those doggy odours. They can be used in the home as a room spray (perfect if someone’s coming round for coffee), on all your blankets, beds and dog beds etc and also great for the car too. 

In a nutshell….

The secret is to keep on top of your dogs grooming regime. If you minimise the shedding on your dog it will filter down throughout the house and car and save you time and effort in arduous cleaning. A quick flick round daily and a little spritz should be all you need to keep on top of things.


Links you can’t live without:

Drying Balls: https://www.miaboo.co.uk/collections/accessories/products/wool-dryer-balls

Dog Perfumes: https://www.miaboo.co.uk/collections/grooming/products/dog-perfume-trio

Bedding & Fabric Spray: https://www.miaboo.co.uk/collections/grooming/products/dog-bed-fabric-spray-rosemary-lavender

Shark Vacuum Cleaner: https://sharkclean.co.uk/



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