Let sleeping dogs lie

The way our dogs sleep tells us about them and how they feel. Sleep is important for dogs but quality sleep is vital for your dog to repair, rejuvenate and relax. Which kind of sleeper is your dog? How can you maximise their sleep with the right bed for ultimate health and comfort?


This is an easy going, relaxed sort of pooch. Sleeping this way exposes their vital organs which in turn shows us they feel safe and comfortable in their environment.

What kind of bed is best for a side sleeper? Cushion Beds are generous in size and give plenty of room for dogs to sprawl out as well as cushioning to support their body weight. Miaboo cushion beds fit seamlessly in to your home decor so that your dog can relax with the family.



Often dogs like to sleep all curled up and cosy. In the wild, dogs would sleep this way to protect their vital organs and conserve heat. Dogs that sleep this way feel secure and warm.


 The best bed for curled up sleepers? The Donut Dog Bed is perfect. The bolsters provide extra support and security your dog craves. They can nuzzle down and are free from any draughts too - so extra warm and cosy. The shape of the bed is a great space saver in the home too.



Dogs that’s sleep on their tummies are generally exciteable, life loving characters! They are usually high energy dogs to prefer this position. But being so high octane they are ready to flop wherever and whenever the moment takes them but after a little power nap are ready to spring back in to action.They dont have time to get too cosy!


 Best bed for a tummy sleeper? Cushion beds are practical, easy to move around to pop down whenever or wherever your dog flops down fro as power nap!



Dogs who love to sleep nestled among blankets or under the covers love to feel safe. It gives them a sense of a den. They love to feel protected and relaxed as well as warm. Dogs who feel the cold more seem to gravitate to towards this type of sleeping arrangement.

Best bed for Burrowers? Burrow Beds are a bed and blanket sewn in. It allows your dog to burrow in comfort. No more worrying that the blanket has tangled round your dog or come off in the night leaving your dog cold. 

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credit: www.dog time.com

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